Em’s Scare

While browsing through the news at Emma-Watson.net, I came across an old interview she had given to promote Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I thought it fit snug into the the topic of my last post. Another display of the confusing misunderstanding woman have with the concept of scary.

Q: Is it true that there are hundreds of fan love letters you get each day?
Emma: Completely true! This flattery is scary at times. The problem is with the guys who write me, they refer to an image, a fictionous character, however, I am not Hermione.

I find it interesting, that the reason she is scared by the “love letters” she receives isn’t because she feels threatened by the guys who send them, but because some of them think she is someone she is not. To me, this might be cause for concern (for the mental wellbeing of the guy), disgust (for not being accepted for who she is), or even pity, but it does not fall into the category of scary.

Scary: Causing fright or alarm. –American Heritage┬« Dictionary of the English Language

I do agree, however, that it is bound to be scary for a woman as beautiful and wonderful as Miss Watson to be receiving “love letters” from guys she does not know. I cannot even imagine professing a “love” for a woman I do not know or have never even met.

And Miss Watson is correct, she is not Hermione. She is her own woman, and an exceptional one at that. I have had the privilege of reading many firsthand accounts of her kind thoughtfulness. She has been handling her fame far greater than any woman in her situation should be expected to.

For the record, though I am one of the many guys who have sent Miss Watson a letter, my letter was not a love letter. I wrote a letter of encouragement and respect from one actor to another. I praised her talent and thanked her for the entertainment she has provided.

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