The Movie Critique 019

A few years ago, back in ’03 as a matter of fact, I saw one of the worst movies ever made. As matter of fact, that day I saw several at the dollar theater in like Caldwell or Nampa. I remember, I went to see Daredevil and in sucked so much that after the movie, I just went back to the ticket booth and got a ticket for Phonebooth. It was just as bad, so, when it was ever, I went back and got a third ticket, determined not the leave the theater until I saw a good movie. Agent Cody Bank was the last movie and it kicked ass.

Anyway, because of how bad Phonebooth was, I approached Cellular with some skepticism. The plot sounded pretty flaky, but I gave it a shot (probably subconsciously being a huge William H. Macy fan and not knowing he was in the film despite the fact he’s pictured on the cover). As it turns out, it was really good. It was made by the same person who made Phonebooth, so I’ve been told. You wouldn’t be able to tell though. Turns out, the story and plot are great, the action is fun and exciting.

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