Crystal Gayle

I will never understand why some women think they look better with short hair. To me short hair on a woman is so repulsive. There is a number of things that repulse me about women. Old age aside, I’m referring to lousy trends. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful woman take their attractiveness and flush it completely down the toilet all because of a stupid trend.

Like those idiot low cut jeans.

Low cut jeans are about as lame as short cut hair on a woman. They both take the natural attractiveness in ladies, and strip that aspect down. The whole concept seems to be base on the premise that they, as women, are required to impressing other woman instead of attracting guys. I find myself pitying women who make those kind of choices.

This is one of my greatest pet-peeves of all time. What ever happened to the girls, all those princesses, who admired Crystal Gayle’s hair; all those little ladies who loved dresses and being a girl?

Take Hilary Duff for instance. She used to be one of the most sexy, beautiful women on television (before she grotesquely lost so much weight). You’d think she would have looked good in anything right? Well, I just watched The Perfect Man, and was absolutely disgusted by the reoccurring scenes of Miss Duff in those ugly low cut jeans.

What are they thinking? A properly worn jean will accentuate a young lady’s body just as skirts and dresses do in their own way. Low cut jeans are not pleasing to look at or see on these otherwise lovely young women. And as if low cut jeans are not enough, some women dress in both jeans and a dress!!! Do they not realize how foolish they look?

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  1. Hi Wesley!

    I am huge Crystal Gayle from France, unfortunately she is unknown there.
    I have always admired her so gorgeous long hair, beauty, and so beautiful voice and singing talent.
    And she is such a sweet and clever lady.
    I totally agree with you about short hair ladies, this looks most of the times so ugly! This is symply a taste error!
    God bless you.
    Charles from France.

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