Name the New Home Space “Contest”

I admit, the only reason I haven’t written for a while is because of the big let down when Qumana crashed the other day and I lost the post I wanted to write when United States President Obama was still president-elect.

So, sorry about that, I’ll try to look past the dread that crosses my mind every time I want to sit down and write something for this blog.

Also, I have been hitting the Official PlayStation Home forum.  The PlaStation Home people had a contest for us users to name the new cafe.  It was supposed to be judged on originality and creativity.

I suggested The Percolation Sensation, which is a wonderful play on words, and fitting a chat-room of this caliber.  It is 100% original as the term does not exist anywhere on the net, and it’s 1005 creative.

Not only can it refer to percolating coffee and how one perceives the aroma and flavor through the senses, but a gathering and sharing of ideas (percolate) in a festive and celebratory manner (sensation).

The winner suggested "The Sixth Axis".  Where I do agree, it is a fitting name for a Home space, it is hardly original, and not only is it uncreative, it is copyrighted already by Sony, which is a direct violation of the official contest rules, which stated the entry had to be uncopyrighted.  Or is that simply "the Six Axis"?

Anyway, a quick search on the internet reveals that it is also already used for a business in Madison, Wisconsin.

Well, I may not participating in any future "contests" from those guys.

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