Qumana Test

Hello!  😀  It’s been a while, I know.  The new Blogger.com has made it a real frustration to actually post blogs.  I have been writing them but every time I have tried to post, Blogger.com gets in the way and I end up just scrapping the piece.

So, here I am, after a whole day searching for a blog client I can run in Linux.  As far as Linux native applications are concerned, FORGET IT!  I guess all those Linux bloggers out there are… your right, what Linux bloggers?

My solution to the whole fiasco is to run Qumana with Wine, the program that has it’s own version of the Windows API to allow Windows native programs to run on top of X11.  Yay!  And, so far it works perfect! Double Yay!


This is my first attempt with Qumana in Wine.  If it works, I’ll be dusting off this old blog and posting some new content.  This is so much easier so far too.  One program to do everything.  Before, starting way back in the beginning, I had to write the entry in OpenOffice.org (or Word on the Windows computers), then copy and paste it to a text editor and from there copy it to the browser window at Blogger.com (after navigating to the website and logging in and waiting for that damn thing to load), make more formatting changes, and hold my breath when I clicked publish.  More recently, I never got to the end.

Now, I’ll be able to start one program, type what I want to see, then click publish, all at my leisure with no messy webpage scripts.  This is going to be awesome.  I can’t believe how fast it works, and how easy it’s all happening so far.

Well, time for the moment of truth.  😉

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