The Scent of Coal

As past readers of this blog and personal acquaintances can attest, I hate Sick City, Idaho.  But there is one aspect to this town that I absolutely love.  It goes way back to when I was little, though it’s not so popular anymore.

The scent of burning coal in the air on a crisp autumn, winters, or spring day.

I’m not from Sick City, Idaho, but I did spend some time here back when I was a curtain-crawler.  Back then there were more homes heated by coal, and the scent was strong and constant.  Any time I catch a whiff of it today, I am transported to that time.

I love the scent of burning coal.  I wish I had a coal furnace, but like most of the old homes here in Sick City, Idaho our house’s furnace was replaced years ago with a propane furnace.  Many homes still have the coal shoots, but our coal room has long since been converted for storage.

But every now and again, I catch that scent.  It’s then that I realize those moments almost make it worth it.

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