New Move-over Woman

If ever there was a new woman to replace Emma Watson as my top celebrity crush, it’s Chloe Moretz.  I saw Wednesdays episode of "The Tonight Show" and wow, I was blown away!  She is one foxy lady!  And, she likes older men… ;-D

Although her hair was beyond beautiful, the most surprising thing about her, to me, was that she was a living character that I created for a suspense story I’ve been peculating.  I cannot believe how close she matches MY character.  Now, if I ever publish that book, everyone will think I modeled the character after her.

On the bright side, until tonight, I thought women like her were a thing of the past.  That might just convince me to seriously work on this story.  Not that I wasn’t planning on doing it (I actually have character sheets for her and the major characters), but knowing that this fantastical character exists in real life makes it believable.  It was the vary identical aspects of my character and Miss Moretz that she revealed to Jay Leno and his viewers that I found myself struggling with-I honestly kept asking myself "is it possible for a character like her to exist, is she believable?".

But, who am I kidding?  Emma Watson is my crush, only time will tell if Chloe has what it takes to move over Emma.  (But it sure was a kick watching my character living and breathing on "The Tonight Show".)

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