Why I haven’t Blogged Much These Past Two Years

For some unknown reason, Blogger used to have a limit of blog posts which was around 320. As I approached that limit, I slowed down my posts considerably. I did not know what would happen when I reached the limit, so I did not want to reach it until I was sure I had all my posts backed up. For years, I thought I would have to manually visit, select, copy and paste my posts into a word processor or something to back up my posts. A daunting task for which I sat down this week, only to have a marvelous “DUH” moment: wget. So, in less than a minute, all my posts were backed up on my computer.

Then, today I wondered if there was even still a limit of posts on blogger. Nope. The number of posts limit has been removed, so there may never have been a legitimate concern of loosing my posts as I reached 320. Yay!

But, now the concern is whether I can get back in the habit of writing for the blog… Only time will tell.

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