Troubles at the Care & Share

I had to go to work today for a food drive put on by the 4-H people. I was at work at 9:00 and we (Dixie Care & Share Food Bank staff) were ready to go by ten. However, none of the 4-H kids showed up and the leader had to cancel the drive. Too bad for the needy, but I’d much rather have my weekend free, so I don’t mind.

The forklift broke down anyway so It’s just as well that we didn’t have to use it. The radiator sprung a river and the propane hose broke off while we were putting it away. Geez. . .

Everything seems to be braking all at once. This week we had to replace a breaker to the men’s laundry room, an oven coil went bad, and a separate radiator leak sprang up on the forklift. Just a bunch of little stuff, but when you’re a nonprofit organization like the Dixie Care & Share that relies on donations . . . Well, we’ll get by.

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