Em’s New Scaffolding?

I am so crushed! While reading through this past weekends news at Emma-Watson.net, I was shocked to learn that Emma may have gotten braces! That’s right, that woman with one the most beautiful smiles in Hollywood may have braces. I cannot say for sure, but I am appalled to say the least at the very idea.

I love Emma’s smile. It is one of the best, most radiant smiles around. I have always been attracted to her smile and admired the fact that her teeth have always supported her smiling technique.

I never have been a fan of braces. I never had braces myself though I know that if we could have afforded them the dentist would have talked my mom into getting them. Today, I am proud of my perfect teeth. I even still have all my wisdom teeth. I have always looked upon braces as a ploy for dentists to ensure business. And it is. It’s cliché I know too many people who were told they should have braces, for whatever contrived reason, but who never did and their teeth came out just fine.

One of the main reasons I hate them are because they promote the idea that you are not as good as you should be. Its a social disorder that requires everyone to conform to the majority’s concept of what is pretty. When parents endorse this absurdity, they are encouraging low self esteem and an unwarranted desire to fit in.

Also, your selling false good. One of the physical treats that society demands today is good teeth. What about those poor fools who marry someone with nice teeth just so their children won’t have bad teeth? Oops, your teeth are store bought? Well so much for that. Here come the dentist bills for all those children. Hope your rich beyond dreams.

Some people need braces. It is a fact of life, and maybe Emma did. I doubt it though. And, I have always wanted to kiss a girl with braces. . .

I don’t even know if she does have braces. All I know for sure is that none of the pictures I’ve seen of her at a recent film premiere show her trademark smile. And the new article I read on Emma-Watson.net made comment about it looking like someone got braces. I cannot imagine Emma agreeing to that. What were “they” thinking, the powers that be.

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