Webpage Update

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to view my website at the home of some friends. I noticed two major things that needed to change.

To start with, there was a sexually explicit webcam popup that I immediately disliked (not that the girl was unattractive, but she was a whore and I can not sponsor such lascivious behavior on my Christian website.

Second, and this is problem I have been aware of for awhile and never took the time to correct it, is that on slow connections when the paper images that serve as the text background are still loading, the text was hard to see because of the background color setting in my code. That is now fixed. So all of you loyal fans can now view my webpage without the fancy images.

Also, since the porn ad was due to my freevisits.com membership, I logged in and checked my stats. I have decided that the program has not been beneficial in it’s designed purpose. So, I have replaced their button ad code with a button ad code from ldsbe.com, which has a much more beneficial plan for my needs.

To visit my porn-ad-free, readable website, goto:

http://waldowoc.100free.com, or

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