Webpage Update

Well, I have provided a workaround for the missing Mini-Me icon problem on the geocities server. The icon is now visible on both the 100free.com and geocities.com servers. Yippy!

As a consequence, Waldo’s Web was inaccessible on the 100free.com server most of yesterday and this morning. I don’t know what the problem was there, I deleted the old pages, but the server wasn’t letting me upload the new pages. Well, It worked fine this morning, so now both sites are up and operating. 😀

As a reminder, if one site doesn’t load, you can always go to the other. Waldo’s Web is located on the 100free.com server at:

and on the geocities.com server at:

Please note that geocites restricts bandwidth usages on a per hour basis, so Waldo’s Web may be down often, depending on how many visitors I get on that server.

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