Webpage Update

I have minor changes to report for the code of all my pages. I changed the noscript menu for those of you who use browsers not equipped with javascript capabilities or have deactivated them. Also, a problem that’s been bugging me every since I started using Opera is that the javascript menu is too low on the top of the page to cover some of my logo image has been fixed. This problem did not extend to MS Internet Explorer, but the solution, as minute as it is, does, though only the trained eye will notice. 😉

Also, being the absentminded guy that I am, I had not realized that two of my menu pages, Helpful Resources and Favorite Links, did not even exist! They were the text menus, so unless you don’t have javascript, you probably didn’t notice. So now, they exist! 😀

You can view them here (not that there’s anything there to see):

page38.html or page38.html
page39.html or page39.html

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