Footing It

When I got this bike for Christmas, I thought my days of undependability* and walking were over. Not so. My feet can be the first to tell you. The right rear bearing went out this weekend. I had to walk into town for General Conference and back last night.

This morning I transfered the tube and tire to another rear rim, but I pinched the blasted tube in the process. I hate working on bikes. I get greasy and dirty and now my fingers are throbbing from struggling with the tire and tube.

And, my feet and ankles are killing me. I have such a physically fit body, but when it come to walking and running, I’m just not built for it. These shoes weren’t built for it either. Yes, they are the same shoes I bought back in ’04. I have complained about them often on this blog. Now they have a hole worn into the sole of the right foot. Last time it rain, I foot got wet and cold.

Another thing that gets me, and it really pisses me off too, is that every time my bikes have broke down, they’ve done it on the weekend. For some reason, problems cannot occur on the days I have the most resources available to fix them. That fact ensures the most possible ‘down time’ and maximum discomfort and suffering. It’s bad enough that it has to happen, but God forbid it should happen when I can fix it.

I really hate working on bicycles. I hate even more walking. And I super hate not sleeping because my ankles ache and my feet are swollen and blistered, which is what happens when I walk in these trashy shoes.

* I know it’s not a word, but it ought to be.

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