A Memorable Day

It all started with a Tee Ball bat and some small pecans. Well technically, I suppose it all started back when I found the pecans, weeks ago, and when the birthday kid got a new a Tee Ball set yesterday at the Vernon Warthen Park. I had the pecans in the seat pouch on my bike, either to eat at some later time or leave for the next owner of the bike, whichever came first. The bat, I found today.

While waiting for noon and the Salvation Army’s free community lunch, I was wishing for a baseball to see how well I could hit with the little bat. Though I was doing a number on the pecans, I suspected a baseball would be somewhat more rewarding. Of course, that would be a matter of perspective, I was, after all, eating the pecans after some of the fly-balls.

The bat was still there after lunch, and I was feeling especially frisky. The St. George 10th Ward served a wonderful lasagna to a total of 12 of us. I had four servings and was in an awesome mood for having such a great meal.

A short time after, an old friend stopped by with her gorgeous twin daughters and her son. They happened to have two baseballs with them and no bat. At first, I turned down all offers to play with them, but I did let the girls have the bat. Teenage women are a blast to watch and these were no exception, but they needed help having fun. It was just the two of them, so out I went. We ended up playing an absolute hilarious game of baseball.

I don’t know what rules we were playing, but it seemed to make sense to them, so I just went along with whatever they said. It started out as boys against girls, making two person teams, the twins and me and their brother. Eventually, they even had their mother on my team, then some kind of free for all, where the third base runner was the pitcher. We had a great time.

Turns out, I got invited to have dinner with them tomorrow (today by the time I get this posted), and an offer of twenty dollars for my bike. I accepted both, though I tried in vein to give her the bike for free, and I warned her that the crank was going out on it and that it would take upwards of thirty dollars to fix. She was persistent. Looks like I’m getting Chicken Alfredo, a movie, an extra twenty dollars, and a ride to the bus stop Wednesday morning.

And, as I sit here writing this post, three bus-loads of girls pour into the park. Many hotties! I’m not sure what kind of group they are, I suspect they are some kind of High School group, as there are some guys too. The buses say Le Bus on them.

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