Wireless/No Wireless

During the past week, I updated my website and several profiles to reflect my new residency and age. During the process, I removed all mention of my ability to access the internet via wireless network at my local library. Upon my first visit to the Oneida County Library, I was informed that they did not have wireless access.

However, yesterday during my somewhat daily visit to the library to use their internet computers, I discovered that I had been misinformed on my first visit. I was told by one of the ladies here that they did indeed have a wireless access point, but that it was somewhat unreliable. Some people are able to connect, while other are not.

So, here I am today with my laptop at the library to see what I can see. So far, I am unable to recognize a public access point, but I have discovered two nearby networks, but no DHCP offers. I haven’t requested help, because of the conversation I had yesterday, which implied that there was known issues with the server (windows XP) and no password to make the necessary changes. How funny. 😀

The gal in charge of the network here has got a regular network cable available for laptop use because of the known problem with the wireless system. If nothing else, I may just end up acquiring a standard pcmcia network card, if I can find one. I guess they are not so standard anymore. Anyone out there have one you wouldn’t mind sending my way?
Oh, but it feels nice to be on the computer once again in the comfort of a public library. It is too bad that this particular library does not have open hours better suited to my writing habits. The town is just too small to justify it.

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