Why I think Barack Obama as president of the United States will end up being good for America

If you recall the United States presidential campaign of 2008, you remember that the vast majority of Americans felt they were being forced to choose the best candidate of the absolute worst choice in American history. Every candidate’s platform was based on implementing socialist concepts.

As you know, I oppose socialism in America. It will prove to be the catalyst which instigates the fall of this great Republic. As such you can conclude that I would be dead-set against having as open a socialist as Barack Obama in the position of America’s federal government’s executive president. You would, however, be slightly mistaken.

Though I am against socialism, I believe the the presence of a socialist such as Barack Obama in that position may actually turn out to be better for the country than not, though not for the reasons his supporters would express. Consider the following.

I have observed Barack Obama for as long as any other average American Citizen. I have heard him talk, read his ideas, and analyzed his actions. My conclusion is that he is the first person, in my lifetime, to be elected president of the United States, who is actually educated enough to understand and know what the United States is and how that government is intended to function. Sure, the U.S. has had ‘ivy-league’ educated presidents before, but unlike any U.S. president in my lifetime, Obama knows and understands the truth. He understands the sole purpose of government. As a result, he my not be so quick to implement those hardcore socialist promises. Indeed, I get the impression that he only used the socialist party to procure his seat as U.S. president. He may end up working harder to protect the Republic than usurp it and institute a democracy, which has always been the acknowledged goal of the political party that got him elected.

The place I believe United States president Barack Obama will be the most helpful for the United States and, through it, America, is in international and foreign dealings. Though his full name and the mere color of his skin has already done much towards foreign views of America, he has a deep and hypnotic voice that will lull foreign diplomats and leaders and their citizens further into acceptance. He will be able to use that voice to comfort counties who are predisposed to stand against America and the United States.

On the home front, American people are more vigilant against the government when a ‘democrat’ is the president of the United States. When Bill Clinton was president of the U.S., militias throughout America met on regular occasion and his administration encountered stiff opposition from most Americans. Yet, the majority of these community meetings ceased with the election of George Bush Jr.. I remember reading a concerned American’s post on some arbitrary internet forum following the infamous events of September 11th 2001. Being concerned of future terrorist attacks, she had sent her husband to a regularly scheduled meeting. He had returned a few minutes later only to inform her of a notice on the door of the meeting place that read all meetings had been canceled because since the United States had a republican as president, there was nothing to worry about!

Then there’s the whole racist issue. Even though it is the 21st century, there are still people in America who were taught that black people are an inferior race. Most of us know this concept to be flawed and idiotic at best. Nonetheless, racist people have a history of causing problems for everyone in their communities. This is an issue, that not only divided a country, it splits families and fosters hatred. Having a black man (even a half-breed like Obama) in what is often erroneously considered the highest power in America, can bring this issue to it’s second boiling point, which would force all Americans to consider the roots of what it means to be American.

On the religious side of things, zealots expect the collapse of government to signal the end times. Humoring this concept, any conflict which destabilizes government into collapse can only be seen as a good thing, when you consider that the end time is meant to herald in the second coming of the Messiah, and a millennium of peace. Barack Obama could very well spark such a collapse either directly through his socialist intentions and actions, such as spreading the wealth, or indirectly as a result of the afore mentioned racist issue, should such a thing ever escalate to war again. And, there is always the possibility, that I may be wrong in my assumption of his intent, in which case, he will use his position to accomplish his political party’s agenda of usurping the Republic with a democracy, such a thing will result in all-out war. After all, many if not all Christ based religions teach from scripture that neighbor will fight against neighbor in the time preceding His return.

In the end, it does not matter who is president of the United States, but what is done as president. If Barack Obama does understand the limits and intent of the U.S. presidency, then he’ll do his best to defend the concepts of a republic form of government and the liberty that is fundamental to it. If, on the other hand, he does seek to usurp the Republic, as he promised during his campaign to be elected president of the United States, than it will only bring about a quicker end to socialist America, as no true American will stand idly by while that happens. Either way, America will prevail and emerge stronger and better.

Long live the Republic!

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