Drillbit Taylor

So, it’s an old movie, but I have only just seen it.  And I loved it!

It has the best fight scenes ever!  They are located at the end of the movie, and it’s hilarious and energetic.  …Very Fight Club-y, the fights that is.  They even paid homage to that movie, then showed a clip later on.

If you have followed this blog from the beginning, you’ll remember that I once lived like the the homeless (I was hoping to make a few books out of the arrangement, but those project are on hold), so I really enjoyed the bantering and camaraderie amongst the homeless.  I spent about two years doing that with real homeless guys, none of which would actually go into a school and pretend to be a teacher.  LOL

And could they not have found more goofy looking teenagers?  That Asian girl, who played the love interest, was just like any air head clueless student, I’ve known lots.  Pay particular attention to her complete lack of facial emotion.  Acting!  😀  You gotta love it!.

I loved those sun-bathing chicks the guys stumbled through.  The were running from the bullies and cut through this property where the two women were in bikinis.  I was like ‘stay there! Don’t leave’, and they came and took pictures with them!  That was great.  I bet those bullies never got to meet women like that.

I highly recommend that movie, if you like those types of comedies.  It’s an instant favorite for me.!

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