It’s taken me a few years (and counting) to build my trailer. One of the toughest obstacles has been obtaining the tools necessary. I have purchased a router, dozens of C clamps, a table saw, a circular saw, two drills, levels, tape measures, squares, hammers, knee pads and a couple ladders. I have spent over a thousand dollars on tools I will never use again.

All the while, I was cutting my lumber on the ground, off the back of the pickup truck, or between the ladders. With the recent setback in weather that ruined, and forced me to redo, the majority of work I completed last year, I have resolved to doing this a bit differently.

I spent the day (well, it’s yesterday now time-wise, though I have not been to sleep) building four sawhorses. I think I could have gotten by with two, but I decided, what the hell, if I’m going to do it right, I’m going to do it really right.


So, now I have four sawhorses I will never use again, but at least they stack for convenient stowing…

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