The Definition of Cute

I found this video today, after watching that cancer lip-sync video from Seattle’s cancer hospital. I didn’t care much for that one, but this video, I watched over and over!

Both of these kids are pretty cute, but I totally love the little girl! She is the epitome of cute, and I think she really steals the show. You have to love her moves! 😀

The song is addictive, I’d never heard it before, though I do remember it on Saturday Night Live in a recent episode. (I hate the music segments of those shows, they’re good for the live audience, but us at home, I’d rather have more talk or a comedian. Singers have the radio, and LOTS of radio at that! So, anyway I skip them once they start.)

Also, this video sings a personal note for me. I remember a good friend I had when I was their age. We used to get teased about how we were going to be married. I remember her very well, but today she is just someone that I used to know.

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