Goodies and Hotties

This is great, I was sitting here at the park working on my website logo when a bus-load of gorgeous softball players came to practice. The designation on the bus reads Duchesne County School District #052. They’re not young the way I like them, but they’re great to look at at any rate. I suppose it’s some college team here for a game, they just aren’t cute enough to be high schoolers.

I remember last year some soccer players showed up from time to time. The softball girls are far better looking.

Actually, I’d rather they weren’t here. Not that I dislike dodging softballs lobbed toward me at the speeds achieved when propelled by a bat, though it does make me nervous. It also gives me a reason to watch (look at) them. The reason, however, is that I like to sing along to the songs I listen too while at the park. I do so aloud even though my voice is atrocious. When I’m surrounded by such beauty, it’s a bit embarrassing, I’m force to hum and whistle the songs instead.

They’ve gone now to the ballpark, I’d like to go watch the game, but I have to be at the food bank in half an hour (12:00pm). What a day to be at the park.

Another bus just unloaded from Carbon County School District. This one only has a few women. What sport the team is I cannot tell. They’re not garbed as ballplayers, but I now see some baseballs and bat and catcher net things.

At first I thought the women were cheerleaders, but now that I know this is some high school baseball team, I’m not sure what the women are for. They are hotties though. Skipper types. . . Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

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