Dating the Canyon GCA #3

Dating anything on Earth is a simple process. Scripture tells us that the world [universe] was created in seven days according to the reckoning of God. We also know from scripture that our world runs at a rate of one-thousand of our years for every one of Gods days. We know it took our Lord seven days to complete the creation process and prepare planets for the habitation of man.

Therefore, the age of Earth was a full seven thousand years old at the birth of Adam. From that time, we [humans] have been on Earth for over six thousand years. It is clear then that anything on Earth has to be either the same age as Earth or younger.

Despite the fact that we have scripture, which stands as historical records and timelines of important events spanning from creation through today, scientists continue to look for alternative methods of dating Earth and objects found on it. One of the methods that is used the most is “carbon dating”. In theory, the process analyzes carbon content of any component and measures them against its known half-life deterioration.

For the logical thinkers, the first and foremost problem of such a technique is obvious. The half-life of any structure is only constant under specific environmental constants. The measurement of half-life works fine under laboratory settings where constants never change, but outside that controlled environment, variables such as heat, pressure, air content, contact with other molecules/chemicals, and so on can continue to change, often.

Carbon dating assumes that the only way to alter carbon is half-life. Scientists neglect to recognize that carbon can be “reset” under several natural circumstances like the variables mentioned above and several others. Even the scientist who invented the carbon dating system admits it is flawed and unreliable. Similar methods using chemical analysis and/or mathematical equations are just as unreliable. To assume that the world would stay in a laboratory condition for thousands of years is pure ignorance.

A more accurate method of dating the Grand Canyon is to assess the facts and cross reference them with scripture. Some of the facts that may be used were mentioned in my last GCA, and include the obvious such as, sedimentary evidence of being submerged, evidence of erosion by the river during its gradual assent, and any and all other observations of fact that can be made.

So how old is the Grand Canyon? The sediment layers are between thirteen and four and a half thousand years old. The cut of the river (the canyon itself) began about four and half thousand years ago when the flood waters receded and formed a path for what has become the Colorado river.

Whether or not the Grand Canyon is as old as I think it may be, is irrelevant. The point is, those who seek to discredit scriptural accounts, ignore the facts, misrepresent them altogether, or conjure up new ones to support their theories.

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