Hot Cat on a String

I often wonder about the concept of bringing dogs to the park. In the movies, dogs are used by guys to attract girls. And in todays fagot loving world, I have no doubt that they may also bring them to get other guys.

What I don’t understand, is why girls bring them. I see a lot of people bringing dogs to the park, some guys, some girls and the response is always the same.

Girls and children flock to them and swoon over the stupid things.

It’s no secret that I do not like dogs. I hate them. There has got be somewhere in the realm of at least a hundred things about dogs that I do not like. I like cats though. And, I have often thought that if a girl was too shy to meet me, she could bring a cat to the park near enough to me that I would kick things off.

Bringing a dog to the park and expecting a conversation with me is closer to a death sentence. I don’t care how physically perfect she appears, I do not like dogs at public parks, and I’ll let her know in no uncertain terms why. For this reason, I’m lucky to live in Satan George, Utah where the girls aren’t in the least bit interested in-let alone attracted to- me.

Anyway, the reason I’m thinking about this enough to write about it now is that there was a girl here a few minutes ago with a cat on a string. The girl was physically attractive and desirable, but she was with her boyfriend who also had another cat on a string. Had she been alone, I would have been all over that.

The cats themselves didn’t much like being on a leash, but they were enjoying themselves and playful. Depending on how they are raised and treated, some cats don’t need a leash. I’ve had a few myself I could take places without the need of a leash. I miss those days.

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