The Floodgate is Open!

If you ever want to see a park full of beautiful women, invent a time machine and come to the Worthen Park here in Satan George, Utah today from about a quarter after noon through now for sure! There are some hotties! It appears to be several unrelated groups of women. I cannot tell if they are church groups or school or other. All I know for sure is that these girls are lookers.

As usual, they are leaving me alone. In other words, they are definitely not Rexburg girls.

I haven’t been to the park during lunch for quite a while. My current routine begins with the park until about 11:00 am then it’s off to lunch then the library for an hour of Internet. After that I return to the park until after sunset. I’d like to re-adopt my old routine that began at the park till 9:00 am when the library opens. After an hour on the Internet, it was back to my favorite seat in the library to watch the girls and write until noon, then I was off to the park for lunch and back to the library until the long ride home.

Anyway, I may have been missing out on all the pretty girls at the park. Although, the girls at the library are closer and I can get a better look at them. Here at the park, my sight of most of the girls at a distance may rely more on my memory and imagination than their actual looks. Well, my eyesights not that bad.

I stepped out of my normal routine today because I didn’t have anything prepared to upload on this blog. I’m glad I didn’t now. I just didn’t feel like writing this morning like I do most mornings. I only started writing about the girls because I. . . well two reasons I guess. One was that I may look more sophisticated and less homeless if I’m busy typing away on the laptop. The other reason is that when I don’t feel like writing about the gospel or politics, I can always write about girls. And visa-versa, or whatever.

Well, for those of you with the time machines, the last call for the sights at Worthen Park today is 1:00 pm.

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