Opera to the Rescue!

Now that I have internet access under Linux, I have been frustrated with my choices of web browsers. For obvious reasons, MicroS@#t Internet Explorer does not run under windows. I gues Linux users are expected to use Mozilla. Unfortunately, Mozilla is slow, and expends all my resources. Netscape isn’t available under Linux, which is something I find very weird. Epiphany is faster than Mozilla, but it is still based on Mozilla and requires it. As does Firefox. Both of which still lug down my processor. Konqueror seems to be the fastest, but it keeps crashing at inopportune times.

Enter Opera. Opera is not included in the Debian distribution. I found it through a Yahoo! search for Linux Web Browsers. It is a dream come true compared to all other [GUI] options. It is not as fast as Epiphany, or Konqueror, or as fast as it advertises, but at least it doesn’t slow down the rest of the system.

If your looking for a good GUI web browser, check out Opera. You don’t have to have Linux either, it is available for all major OS’s.

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